Classrooms / Lecture Halls / Meeting Rooms

Classrooms and Lecture Halls

During the academic year, the Office of the Registrar has scheduling authority over all public teaching space Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 10PM, and Friday, 9am- 3:00PM.  The Division of Continuing Education  has scheduling authority over B101, B108 and B109, Monday through Thursday, 5:00PM – 10:00PM. DCE also schedules Northwest teaching space during Harvard Summer School, June-August.  Request classrooms during these periods through FAS RoomBook.

Northwest Building Operations has scheduling authority over classrooms and lecture halls from Friday at 3:00 PM through Sunday, on holidays and during academic intersessions. Request classrooms during this period by emailing Northwest Building Operations.

Meeting Rooms and Collegial Space: Scheduling

The Northwest Building offers meeting rooms of various sizes.   Meeting rooms and collegial areas are considered Northwest community space and are available for use by all Northwest Building occupants.  Collegial spaces are public areas that are open to the interior corridors of the building.  Northwest occupants may schedule a meeting room or collegial space through FAS RoomBook. Northwest template RoomBook accounts are available to Northwest Building faculty, administrators and staff. Contact Northwest Building Operations Coordinator to request a Northwest template RoomBook account or to book a meeting room.

Meeting Rooms and Collegial Space: Use

Each meeting room is equipped with a conference telephone set and local calling service.  A calling code is required to place a long-distance or international call from meeting room phones. Contact Harvard Phone to obtain a conference call code.

Each meeting room is equipped with audio/visual technology compatible with most portable devices. Instructions for use are posted within each room. This equipment is managed, maintained and supported by Northwest Media & Technology Services, 495-5775.

After your meeting, please be sure to leave the room in good condition for the next group. If you bring anything into the room (food, beverages, catering supplies, papers, extra tables, folding chairs, etc.), you must remove them from the room at the end of your meeting. If you serve food at your event, please wipe down the tables after use. While you are welcome to move the tables and chairs around to suit your group, please return them to their original positions at the end of your event. If you need custodial assistance for cleaning or furniture rearrangement, please contact Building Operations at 496-6505 or submit a request through PRESTO.


You may also request additional furniture and rearrangement when you book a room through RoomBook or by calling Building Operations (495-6505).



To schedule an event in any public or teaching space including, B100, email Northwest Building Operations, or call 496-6505.