Lab Safety

General Procedures

Please review University guidelines for best practices and requirements for safety in the laboratory. For questions specific to labs within Northwest, contact our Environmental Health & Safety Representative, Bradford Parsons.

Emergency  Evacuation Procedures

Familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation routes posted at each elevator and secondary stairway throughout the building. There will be an annual emergency evacuation drill. Questions about emergency procedures should be directed to the Northwest Building Health & Safety Representative, Bradford Parsons, at 617-496-8414 or 617-418-0507. Please review the emergency evacuation plan summary and egress route for your floor(s).

Northwest Labs Evacuation Plan Summary

  1. The evacuation plan for the Northwest Building is summarized as follows.
    1. Know the following before a fire alarm occurs:
      1. What level of the building you are on.
      2. What building quadrant you are in.
      3. Your room and lab numbers.
      4. Your primary and secondary exits via fire stairwells.
      5. Where your outside meeting location is.
      6. Who your safety monitors are for your area.
    2. Know what to do during a fire alarm:
      1. Leave the area by means of your primary evacuation route. If this exit is blocked, use the secondary route.
      2. Once outside the building, report to your designated meeting area. Wait for instructions from your safety monitor or from the Northwest Building Operations Emergency Team.
      3. Do not re-enter building until Fire Department indicates that it is safe to do so.