Mail / Shipping / Receiving


Inbound mail is delivered to the Northwest Building Shipping and Receiving in B226 twice per day at approximately 11:00am and 2:00pm and is distributed to the following locations for pickup.

Lab mail for Levels 2-4: Mail Centers in bulk and sorted by lab staff (Located at the main restroom lobby on floors 2-4).

Teaching Labs: Deliveries will be made to a central location inside each lab.

Faculty Mail: All faculty mail will be delivered to their administrative suite.

Outgoing university mail is picked up from each department mail center at regular delivery time and can also be dropped off at the table outside room 124.20 in the “Outgoing Mail” bin.

Outgoing U.S. mail to be metered should be secured together with the appropriate 33-digit billing code and given to Mailroom personnel to be sent out for metering. Harvard Mail Services meters mail in bulk and bills the origin departments directly.

Your receiving address for all shipments is shown here. By including your Lab/Office Name and Room number in your address, delivery personnel will be able to easily determine your location and make expeditious deliveries.

Shipping / Receiving / Loading Dock

All incoming packages to the Northwest Building are delivered to Northwest Building Shipping/Receiving personnel in Room B226 (496-3775) on Level B2 for processing and delivery to the designated center drop-off points. Shipping/Receiving operations and deliveries take place between 7:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. The Northwest shipping/receiving manager is Jesse Machado and he can be contacted at 496-5432 or via email. Time sensitive and expedited shipments are delivered upon receipt. Northwest occupants are expected to prepare ordinary outgoing UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS packages for shipping, with labels generated via carrier websites. All outgoing packages from Northwest Building should be given to S/R personnel or dropped off at the table outside room 124.20 by 4:00pm to ensure same day pickup by carriers.

Activity in the loading dock is coordinated by Jesse Machado who can coordinate any special shipping/receiving needs such as palletizing, strapping, etc.

Harvard takes no responsibility for deliveries made outside the University purchasing system. Personal orders shipped to your office will be accepted for delivery when they arrive. The package will be scanned twice; once when it is received and scanned again when it is delivered – usually to the mail drop point. If between receipt and the addressee’s office the package becomes ‘lost’, the University is not responsible. For this reason, we discourage personal deliveries, but we do not prohibit them. It’s unusual for things to go missing, but it has happened.

Shipping Procedures for the Northwest Building

This document describes procedures for building occupants to ship materials from Harvard University. The comprehensive Request for Shipping Form contains all required shipping information, if assistance is required, contact NW Shipping/Receiving personnel.

Each Lab group must set up and use their own shipping account with their preferred small package delivery carriers. Building occupants should prepare ordinary outgoing UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS packages for shipping and use carrier website-generated labels to ensure proper documentation.

Ordinary packaging materials may be available on request from your building S/R personnel, or by visiting S/R on the ground level Loading Dock, room 124.20

Pre-labeled outbound packages can either be given to S/R personnel on their rounds or brought to the building receiving dock, room 124.20 and left with S/R personnel for pickup by carriers.

Outbound UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS packages are picked up each workday from the building receiving dock (pickup times vary by building – contact your S/R personnel for further information).

For your convenience, building S/R personnel can assist with packaging of outbound shipments, and can help generate the appropriate paperwork with the shipping company you choose. You must provide your carrier account number (or a 33-digit billing code) to bill the cost of the shipment with the Harvard FAS/SEAS Finance Dept.

A completed Request for Shipping Form must accompany any items to be packaged by S/R personnel. You must give final packaging approval using this form before the box is sealed for shipment.

Please be aware that it is IMPORTANT that you declare the appropriate value of the item you are shipping in the insurance section of the shipping paperwork. If you do not declare the actual value of the item, neither building management nor GCA Services Group will be responsible for the cost of replacement or the difference between the cost of replacement and the value declared.

For further information please contact your building S/R personnel at the Northwest Building (496-5432).